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        1. 歡迎訪問日照市華業玻璃有限公司!

          E-mail: rzhuaye@126.com

          Huaye Glass at the FIT SHOW | 華業玻璃亮相英國國際玻璃門窗展覽會 FIT SHOW

          On May 23rd, FIT SHOW 2023 opened at the NEC Pavilion in Birmingham, UK. The booth number of Huaye Glass is J80.

          5月23日,備受期待的2023年英國國際玻璃門窗展覽會(FIT SHOW 2023)在英國伯明翰NEC展館隆重舉辦盛大開幕!華業玻璃展位號為J80。


          Fabricator & Installer Trade Show - FIT Show Is the UK's only professional doors, Windows, glass and glass technology as the theme of the exhibition.

          英國伯明翰國際玻璃門窗展覽會(Fabricator & Installer Trade Show - FIT Show)是英國唯一的專業以門窗、玻璃和玻璃技術為主題的展覽會。



          At the exhibition site, Huaye Glass, with its outstanding products, green and sustainable development of new technology and professional on-site services, has been widely concerned by visitors from all over the world, and expressed their willingness to further visit the company.


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